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We repair all makes and models of Panasonic appliances in the Calgary area

Our coverage area for Panasonic service repair includes: Airdrie, Okotoks, Cochrane, Chestermere, and more. We will make every effort to repair these with OEM Panasonic parts. We are able to diagnose, quote, and fix your appliance quicker and at the lowest cost to you than any other company. We are licensed and trained by the manufacturer for your continued satisfaction and safety.

Have a broken Panasonic home appliance?

Call us today to have one of Murphy’s professionally trained servicers diagnose your appliance and get it back up and running as quickly as possible.

How quickly can you repair my Panasonic appliance?

Our goal is to repair your Panasonic home appliance SAME DAY. In many cases we stock or can get the part needed within the same business day.

Panasonic Appliance Repair Services for:

  Panasonic Cooktops
  Panasonic Convention Ovens

About Panasonic

This encouragement led to a series of popular products beginning in the latter half of 1965, including console stereos and speakers, a fully automatic washing machine and a console TV. The low-income, low-earnings period had ended the year before, and the new sales system provided a solid foundation for the company's next phase of growth.

In 1966, consumers measured their standard of living by what were popularly termed as the three Cs: a car, an air conditioner and a color television. Technical innovation had brought the air conditioner and color television into production at Panasonic, as well as the microwave oven, the cassette recorder and the consumer VCR. All these new products, combined with the opening of many new showrooms nationwide, erection of neon signs and billboards, and anticipation of consumer needs, raised the company's sales by 30% over the previous year.

Innovative Product: Home microwave oven - The first microwave oven for home use was placed on the market in 1966. It was a compact, vertical-type microwave oven requiring only a small space. While needing only a small amount of power input (1.65 kVA), it provided output equal to the largest in its class (700 W). It could be used in any place where there was a power source of 100 volts.

What occurred in the development of this product was that microwave ovens came to be used in virtually all restaurants in 1966 from limited installation, only in exclusive restaurants and large hotels. More particularly, they became indispensable for bakeries. In addition, there were growing expectations for a more casual and easier use of microwave ovens in home kitchens.

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