Calgary Stove / Oven Repair

Stove / oven / range / cooktop repair services for Calgary & area including: Olds, Cochrane, Chestermere, Olds, Okotoks, Airdrie, and more!

Have a problem with your kitchen stove?

Murphy’s Appliance Service has been servicing household oven cooktops in the Calgary area for decades. Due to the nature and complexities of a kitchen range and it's parts, we require tests to diagnose the problem and give you an accurate cost to repair the stove cooktop / range.

Common problems that happen with household electric / gas stove ovens include:

  The gas burner on a gas range won't light
  The oven won't heat
  Electric range burner won't heat
  Problem controlling the stove temperature
  Stove is smoking
  Grates or bars have deteriorated
  The glass is dirty / difficult to clean

Are you experiencing problems with your electric or gas range / cooktop / stove / oven? There are many common problems that one can encouter. If you find that your stove is having issues, call Murphy's Appliance Service right way so that they can repair your cooktop oven. It's important to always get a trusted, experienced company that has been doing stove / oven repair service for decades.

What brands / models of stoves / ranges / cooktops / ovens do you repair?

We will repair all major kitchen home appliances including:

  Stoves / Ovens
  Stoves / Ovens
  Stoves / Ovens
  Stoves / Ovens
  Stoves / Ovens
  Stoves / Ovens
  Stoves / Ovens
  Stoves / Ovens
  Stoves / Ovens
  Stoves / Ovens
  Stoves / Ovens
  Stoves / Ovens
  Stoves / Ovens
  Stoves / Ovens
  Kenmore / Sears Washers
  ... and more!


Household Stove / Oven / Range Appliance Repair Services in Calgary

We have the lowest diagnostic charge in Calgary at $65. That means we will analyze the problem and discuss with you what it will take to get your kitchen cooktop / oven / stove /range back up and running.

How much does it cost to repair my stove?

The cost of the repair depends on the part that is needed to fix it. When we diagnose the problem we will let you know what the cost will be to repair your stove and how quickly we can get the part needed to repair the problem.

How quickly can you repair my electric / gas oven?

In many cases we offer SAME DAY repairs in the Calgary area on stoves. Our goal is to get your stove oven up and running as soon as possible. In many cases we stock the part or can get the part(s) needed in Calgary same day. There are cases where the part will need to be special ordered from the manufacturer.

Do you use OEM repair / replacement oven / range parts?

We will make every attempt to use OEM parts to repair your kitchen oven / range.

Can I repair my own cooktop?

We highly recommend using a trained, experienced appliance repair company to diagnose and fix your cooktop. We ensure the right parts are used and that the repairs are done as quickly as possible. There is nothing worse then having the same problem re-occur.

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