Calgary Microwave Repair

Microwave oven repair services for Calgary & area including: Olds, Cochrane, Chestermere, Olds, Okotoks, Airdrie, and more!

Have a problem with your kitchen microwave?

Murphy’s Appliance Service has been servicing household microwave's in the Calgary area for decades. Due to the nature and complexities of a microwave and it's parts, we require tests to diagnose the problem and give you an accurate cost to repair the microwave.

Common problems that happen with microwaves include:

  The microwave won't run at all
  Fan or turntables stopped working
  The microwave oven keeps blowing fuses
  Microwave cooks slowly or unevenly
  Unresponsive to button controls
  Microwave runs but it's not cooking anything
  Strange noises coming from the microwave

A microwave can be very dangerous to an unskilled person attempting repairs. Damage to the microwave itself, and even worse, to the person performing the repairs, is common when endeavoring to repair a microwave without the proper knowledge. These are only a sampling of the problems to which microwave ovens are prone. Often there are simple solutions. For example, if your microwave is not functioning at all, check to make sure there is power running to the microwave. Is the microwave plugged in? If the cord is damaged or hot, your microwave will need repairs.

What brands / models of microwaves do you repair?

We will work on any brand of microwave including:

  Amana Microwaves
  Bosch Microwaves
  Dacor Microwaves
  Frigidaire Microwaves
  LG Microwaves
  Magic Chef Microwaves
  Maytag Microwaves
  Panasonic Microwaves
  Samsung Microwaves
  Sharp Microwaves
  Thermador Microwaves
  ... and more!


Household Microwave Appliance Repair Services in Calgary

We have the lowest diagnostic charge in Calgary. That means we will analyze the problem and discuss with you what it will take to get your microwave back up and running.

How much does it cost to repair my microwave oven?

The cost of the repair depends on the part that is needed to fix it. When we diagnose the problem we will let you know what the cost will be to repair your microwave and how quickly we can get the part needed to repair the problem.

How quickly can you repair my microwave?

In many cases we offer SAME DAY repairs in the Calgary area on microwaves. Our goal is to get your microwave oven up and running as soon as possible. In many cases we stock the part or can get the part(s) needed in Calgary same day. There are cases where the part will need to be special ordered from the manufacturer.

Do you use OEM repair / replacement microwave parts?

We will make every attempt to use OEM parts to repair your microwave.

Can I repair my own microwave?

We highly recommend using a trained, experienced appliance repair company to diagnose and fix your microwave. We ensure the right parts are used and that the repairs are done as quickly as possible. There is nothing worse then having the same problem re-occur.

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